Hi, I'm Rosie

Pronouns: She/her

I'm the Director and Owner of Sew Eco Fabrics.

Greetings, lovely souls! I'm Rosie – a Sustainable Sewer, Sparky Creative, and a Long-Distance Backpacker.

Between cosying up with my sewing machine and indulging in TV marathons, you'll catch me embarking on wild camping adventures with my partner.

Sewing is my heartbeat, a passion that's been with me all along. But who would've thought that teen Rosie would grow up to run her own fabric emporium?

"It's fascinating how life's twists lead us to unexpected wonders. This journey was always meant to be mine."

Discovering the art of sewing during my teenage years was just another skill, another subject in the school of life. My childhood was a canvas of creativity – weaving tales, doodling vivid dreams, and crafting from my imagination. Yet, sewing's enchantment only truly revealed itself later.

Rediscovering the Stitch

After moving in with my then-boyfriend, now husband, I found myself working in retail. My early 20s were all about exploring, avoiding the so-called "real job" until I had a clue. However, as my mid-20s dawned, I was still grappling with minimum wage, watching my earnings vanish into bills.

That's when Rosie's Craft Corner took its first breath. An idea from my mum about selling sewn wonders on Etsy became my side hustle. Little did I know that those five years would school me in entrepreneurship – from crafting to marketing, content creation to order fulfilment.

And every moment felt like magic.

Unveiling Dreams

In those years, my love for sewing reignited, steadily growing brighter. In hindsight, even though I sewed for money, it was always a part of me, biding its time. Childhood dreams of owning a fabric haven resurfaced; I'd stand outside vacant stores, conjuring visions of what I'd fill them with.

Life's twists are astonishing, leading us to unexpected paths. It's evident now that my journey was always steering me here.

Last year, the call to action sounded. The dream I'd tucked away needed to see daylight. So, with resolve in my heart, I decided: this is it. The time has come to make my fabric-filled haven a reality.

And now, here we are – Sew Eco Fabrics, a dream turned tangible.

I hope you find my website as enchanting as I do.

My personal favorite? The Sew Matters page – a testament to my commitment to sustainability, not just in business, but in life. It's not a venture; it's a way of being.

Explore away, dear friends. More fabrics and wonders are soon to grace these digital shelves as I grow and flourish.

Have queries or grand ideas? I'm all ears! Whether it's stock suggestions or innovative initiatives, let's have a chat. Reach out here, and let's dive into all things fabric.

Till then, happy fabric hunting!

Warmly, Rosie x