Gift Card for Sewists

Gift Card for Sewists

Product Details

Shopping for a friend that sews and you have no clue what to get them? 

Gift them a Sew Eco Fabrics Gift Card, and leave the choice up to them.

Note: Gift Cards are non-refundable once purchased.

How do they work?

Our Gift Cards will be automatically issued after checkout. You'll be provided with a digital code that you can use on future purchases. You'll also have this gift card digitally emailed to you.

There isn't an amount option showing that I want, can I add a custom amount?

Our website doesn't support custom denominations sadly. To work around this, if you contact us (we aim to reply within 24 hours) with the amount you'd like to add, and we can update a new domination to our website.

I've lost my gift card information, can have one re-issued?

It happens. Fear not, we've got your back. Contact us with your name and information on when you placed the order for the gift card (without this we won't be able to track it down) and we will do our best to find the original order and resend the code over to you.

Do your gift cards expire?

No. They will never expire. Giving you piece of mind, knowing you can wait for the right fabric to come along.