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Interfacing - Medium: Iron-On - White

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Priced at 25cm

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Sold from 25cm | For 50cm, enter quantity '2' to basket.

Interfacing - Medium: Iron-On - White
Interfacing - Medium: Iron-On - White

Sold from 25CM, in one continuous length.

i.e. If you'd like 50cm of fabric, add the quantity of 2 into your basket.


This interfacing is interlining for helping structure your clothing. It's suitable for use with medium - to heavyweight fabrics.


Fabric Details:

Composition: 100% RPES (Recycled Materials)

Type: nonwoven

Weight: 43 g/m²

Width: 90cm

Care Instructions:  Machine washable at 60°C

Sew Eco Score: 2 - Contains Recycled Materials. Oeko-Tex certified 100 - Class 2


How to apply:

1. As with all interlinings from Vlieseline, this interlining is always cut lengthwise following the direction of the thread.

2. Place the interlining on the reverse side of the fabric with the coated (rough feeling) side facing down, cover with a damp cloth and iron section by section for around 12 seconds. Do not push the iron. 

3. After fixing, lay the pieces down flat to cool down for around 30 minutes to allow the bond to stabilise.


Learn more about this interfacing on the Vlieseline website.