Find the Perfect Fabrics for Your Sewing Project

Collection: Find the Perfect Fabrics for Your Sewing Project

Try Before You Buy: Fall in Love with the Texture and Quality of our Range, from breezy Rayons to Cozy Knits. Order Fabric Samples to Feel them First Hand!

  • We'll send you a generous FREE 4 x 5 inch swatch - or if you'd like even more, an 14 inch strip is an option for a 50p charge.

  • Labelled with all the Fabric Details, including a QR code for Easy Access Straight to the Fabric.

  • Sent straight to you via First Class Royal Mail.

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    Making Conscious Fabric Choices Easier

    Our focus is on sustainable and eco-friendly fabrics. Shop with confidence, knowing that you are selecting fabrics with high eco-credentials.

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    Faster, Greener, Reliable

    We're committed to delivering your sewing supplies promptly and with care. Learn more about our reliable delivery services designed to meet your creative deadlines.

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